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pricing strategy

pricing strategy


Andrew Hone shares an article on pricing strategy and access to a full report. There’s no escaping it: pricing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Get it wrong and you can find yourself out of business. But get it right, and you can achieve a step-change in profitability, generating the free […]


In this article, Barry Horwitz offers valuable insight into pricing.  Pricing. It’s one of the most important elements of any business value proposition. And yet, it’s a topic that many struggle with. That’s because setting the right price is about much more than simply setting price higher than costs or mimicking the actions of competitors. […]


Ian Tidswell provides insight into the psychology of pricing. Why are we often less than completely rational? Delving into psychology, one can think of the brain as having two types of circuits: system 1 and system 2 (Kahneman) or elephant and rider (Haidt). The elephant (system 1) acts quickly and seemingly automatically, following a set […]


Mark Hess shares a valuable article that explains how to increase profitability. With the economy slowing, many companies will shift their focus to improving their profitability. Is your management team prepared to take a fresh look at how to grow profit margins? In our work with mid-market companies over the last decade, we have helped […]

  Stephen Wunker has published an article on costovation and how it is creating an agricultural revolution in Africa.  In Africa, there is a product which smallholder farms urgently need, yet which few understand or think they can afford: insurance. Droughts, pests, floods, and other natural maladies can devastate a crop for the year and […]