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operations improvements


Andy Sheppard shares an article on the 5 Cs of operations improvement. Workers can often feel that their efforts to change are not being appreciated. This tends to be perpetuated if managers have been tasked with the default priority of reducing costs. Furthermore, mixed track records with such cost-reduction initiatives means people throughout an organisation […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jonathan Schwartz with Schwartz Consulting. Jonathan leads performance improvement strategy and execution efforts and manages large, complex programs/projects in manufacturing, distribution, and service operations. Since leaving McKinsey as an Engagement Manager, he has led operations improvements, lean implementations, and large programs/projects at several manufacturing companies, Bank of America, a tech […]

  Tobias Baer explains why the second-order effects of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus are what should concern risk managers the most. For risk managers, Covid-19 is both scary and a real-life test of our approach to risk management. As we are grappling with the virus and its fall-out, there are three sets of […]