Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tanaka Chiimba with Impact Strategy Consulting.  Tanaka possesses 15 years of management consulting experience. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte and Touche, she cut her teeth in consulting at McKinsey and Company where she spent 7 years serving leaders of mining, energy, infrastructure and public sector (education and tax administration) institutions across a broad range of topics.

Tanaka likes to be considered as more of a generalist. She is drawn to opportunities where there is value add or turnaround potential. Her ability to sift through complexity very quickly to generate insights or tell the story coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in an individual with the unique ability to network, transfer insights across sectors and geographies and deliver tangible value add. After leaving McKinsey, Tanaka successfully founded a professional services firm, (comprised 4 divisions: consulting, people (training and outsourcing), technology and engineering), which at her exit, 5 years later, was worth over £10 million with over 100 staff.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ivo Sarges with Synapsos. Ivo spent 11 years with Monitor Group in Frankfurt and Johannesburg and ran Peppers & Rogers (a global customer centricity consultancy) in South Africa for another 3 years. Since 2013 he operates as an independent consultant with a focus on assisting large corporates to design, develop, equip and manage their own in-house consulting capabilities.

He is an expert strategy facilitator and has developed particular workshop based applications for strategy facilitation which usually draws extensively on internal capacities combining them with external capability. Key industries Ivo has worked in includes: transport / logistics, telco, banking, insurance, mining, tourism, public sector. He is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but highly flexible with regard to travel.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Rodney Speering with Primrose Strategy.  Rodney Speering spent 3+ years at McKinsey as an Engagement Manager and has been running his own strategy consulting firm since 2019. Prior to McKinsey, he worked for 7 years as a management consultant on a variety of heavy industry strategic and operational improvement projects, and 5 years as a mechanical engineer designing and managing large scale mining and oil & gas projects.

Although originally from Australia, he now lives with his partner in Germany – they are both keen hikers and enjoy the outdoors. Rod is happy to collaborate on strategic projects globally.

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Igor Buchatskiy.  Igor is a Managing Partner of BGlobal Capital. Prior to joining BGlobal, Igor has run large farming companies in all the major sectors of agriculture – animal husbandry, row crops and sugar production – and worked as a consultant specializing in Strategy, Operational Improvement and Digital Innovation for McKinsey & Co in Brazil and for Bain & Company in CIS. Igor has also co-founded an FMCG company that today is the leading producer of hummus in Ukraine with over 75% market share.

Igor has over fifteen years of international business development, agricultural and entrepreneurial experience, is passionate about agriculture and food, and always goes an extra mile in order to help entrepreneurs build great companies. He is an active mentor to the startups at the Techstars Farm2Fork program sponsored by Cargill and Ecolab and at the Impulse Accelerator sponsored by OCP. Igor sits on the Advisory Board of Hummingbird Technologies, a UK-based precision Ag platform operating worldwide.

Igor lives in Boston with his wife and son, his daughter Catarina is already in college.  He is hoping to get back to competitive tournament poker once the pandemic is over.  Igor is happy to collaborate on projects on Strategy/Operations/Digital innovation in Agriculture/FMCG/Mining worldwide.

1. Liz Specht on coronavirus math.

2. “What Time Do You Wake Up? Write It in the Comments and I Will Tell You Why You Are Bad and Lazy Compared with Me, a 3:15 a.m. Waker-er Upper Who Owns Not One but Two Vitamix Blenders” and more morning routines from The New Yorker Daily Shouts

3.  “Cultivate an environment that will help you. Environments are like cheat codes  If you can surround yourself with builders, you will have a higher chance of becoming a builder.” And more Daniel Gross quotes from Erik Torenberg

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1. Amazing photos of bookstores in China.  Never seen anything like these in my life.

2. Turns out Cuban infant mortality statistics not as good as reported.

3. Why slate operators matter.

4. My kids showed me this TED talk: What happens when you reply to spam email.   And we all laughed out loud.

5. Saw this film short at the New York International Children’s Film Festival this past week and really loved it: My Grandfather’s Memory Book

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1. Umbrex member Paul Millerd’s piece, The Boomer Blockade: How One Generation Reshaped the Workforce and Left Everyone Behind, was blogged about by Tyler Cowen. That’s like being picked as the Oprah Book-of-the-Month in my universe. Congrats to Paul.

2. How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class, according to Yale Law School Professor Daniel Markovits, in The Atlantic.

My post on LinkedIn about this article opened, “Other than a failure to define terms, historical errors, a confusion of correlation and causation, a failure to consider the counterfactual, a poor understanding of how corporations work, and a failure to disclose a conflict of interest, I have no complaints about the recent piece by Daniel Markovits in The Atlantic.”

3. I got quoted in this piece on the Cisive blog: Fostering Collaboration in the New Decade

4. Thanks to the Anti–Gig Economy Craze, Freelance Writers Are Getting Hurt from the Mises Institute

5. Good Science, Bad Science, Pseudoscience: How to Tell the Difference from Farnam Street.

It would be an interesting exercise to write a parallel article on good consulting, bad consulting, pseudoconsulting, and how to tell the difference.

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1. McKinsey legend Pete Walker has written a book: Powerful, Different, Equal: Overcoming the Misconceptions and Differences Between China and the US

2. Update on the war-torn economy in Syria

3. Chris Brogan predicts skills that will be most valued in the coming years

4. Tyler Cowen’s spring 2020 Industrial Organization reading list and syllabus

5. ‘Ask yourself, “Would I bet $10,000 on being able to fulfill this commitment? If not, why not?”’ Leo Babauta on The Heartbreaking Effects of Being Only Partly Committed to Most Things

6. “Unfortunately, Jeanine Cummins narco-novel, American Dirt, is a literary licuado that tastes like its title.” from Pendeja, You Ain’t Steinbeck: My Bronca with Fake-Ass Social Justice Literature

7. Which contentious issues are NOT partisan?  (TLDR: they get ignored by the media.)

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1. “Ma computes that between 2014 and 2018, China lost 17 million industrial jobs while adding 46 million service jobs. ” The Money Illusion

2. “I’m going to describe an industry. Then, you’re going to guess which one I’m talking about. You have three choices: commerce, education, or politics.” David Perrell asks What the hell is going on?

3. 10 CRM systems for freelancers. This article doesn’t include Pipedrive, which is the CRM I recommend.

4. Government Schooling and Supermarkets. Cafe Hayek

5. 14 ways to get your clients to pay your invoices faster.

6. Guide to Internal Communication, the Basecamp Way

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1. Why video gaming will take over

2. The New American Dream, David Perrell

3. 19 Things To Remember, Holstee. #11: Remember than no one has it figured out.

4. Places to go in 2020, according to Tyler Cowen

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