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In this article, Elias Mazzawi reveals the new way of thinking that underpins mergers and acquisitions. As the world pivots driven by recession, higher interest rates and supply-side challenges, the nature of M&A has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of the mega deal; incoming are the days of opportunist and strategic add-ons that might […]


Kapil Sharma shares a company case study on a merger for an Alaskan seafood company. Alaska fisheries today properly earn their reputation as the best-managed fisheries in the world, but it wasn’t always so. The passing of the Magnuson-Stevens Act in 1976 was the first critical step to start to turn American fisheries into environmentally, […]

Alessandro Santo shares a post based on an Interview with Fredrik Cassel on Creandum on the connection with Spotify. We first met Spotify in spring of 2007, and later Creandum Fund II led the firm’s first venture round of funding. Ten years later we’re hearing Creandum partner Fredrik Cassel brag too much about being user […]

  David A. Fields shares a post that is a must-read if you are considering partnering with another consulting firm to increase business. There you are, polishing the sign in front of your catamaran and trying to attract consulting projects from the throngs of prospects meandering along the oceanfront. A boat-owner on the adjacent pier […]

  From David Burnie’s company blog, a ten-point checklist that can help make a post-merger integration successful.   For most companies, mergers do not occur regularly or recurringly, bringing with them a host of uncertainty and doubt. When two companies merge, it is a unique experience for both companies requiring a particular course of action, […]


  David Burnie’s company blog provides a plan for post-merger integration to help ensure a smoother process.   A post-merger integration or PMI is what happens following a merger or acquisition. PMIs are the complex process of combining and rearranging the merged businesses to find efficiencies and create synergies.   Points included in the article: […]