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marketing strategies

Johannes Hoech tackles the hype in Account-Based Marketing(ABM) and suggests methods of reducing adoption barriers for the serious practitioner. We have been doing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) implementations for several years, and in doing so have accumulated our share of battle scars. We’ve dealt with real boards and CEOs, complete with quarterly budgets, and revenue and […]

David Edelman shares an article on Segment-of-One marketing and how the future of marketing will utilize AI.  A bit over 30 years ago, I published an early manifesto about the need to take Segment-of-One Marketing seriously. It was before the Internet, before smartphones, and just at the start of when advanced analytics were getting applied […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sisi Liang.  Sisi is a Multidisciplinary Strategist, a former BCG Consultant and Equity Research Analyst with experience in Financial Institutions, and the Media, Retail and Energy sectors. She has also led Marketing & Branding Strategies in SaaS Ventures and Tech Startups, seamlessly merging technical expertise and creative storytelling. Sisi has […]

Robyn Bolton challenges an article posted in Fast Company that claimed the most popular design thinking strategy is BS. How might we ruin a perfectly good and useful tool?” This might not be the question that innovators, design thinkers, and brainstorm facilitators wanted to answer.  But it seems that it’s the one they did. “The […]

  Start the year armed with a strong marketing strategy. Kaihan Krippendorff shares a short post on successful marketing campaigns and introduces his webinar on strategies to become agile and win customers through proximity. TONY HSIEH’S STRATEGIC PATTERN As many of you know, we recently said goodbye to an amazing leader, former CEO of Zappos, […]

  Johannes Hoech shares a post on how to use video effectively in your digital marketing strategy. Videos help businesses get 66% more qualified leads according to Renderforest. According to HubSpot, you may be able to increase conversion rates by over 80% if you add a video on your landing page. If you’re looking for […]

  On June 17, Barry Horwitz  will be giving a webinar with a colleague, CL Tian who runs a digital marketing firm called PINKOA.  The webinar “Shifting Focus from Surviving to Thriving:  Strategy and Tactics.” The webinar will be hosted by TechNetworks of Boston and includes a free virtual Nonprofit Roundtable session. Sign up for […]


  Jason George explores the sale reach and marketing savvy of Time and Newsweek to demonstrate the success of a strategy that encompasses a large demographic; he then explains how and why the internet disrupted this  model by pursuing the individual.  In the early twentieth century Americans seeking the news had plenty of print sources […]