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Ben Dattner co-wrote this article that explains why being a great second in command requires emotional intelligence. In 1959, John French and Bertram Raven, social psychologists, published their “Five Bases of Power” model, which has been highly influential in social and organizational psychology ever since. The five kinds of power they delineated included the ability […]


Aneta Key shares an article on the purpose and benefits of the Growthkey blended learning approach program. One way to increase the leadership capacity of your organization is to invest in the development of your people and build organizational capabilities. The GrowthKey Programs help you do just that. GrowthKey blended learning approach The GrowthKey professional […]


Susan Drumm shares a podcast from her series, The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews Chris Shembra on the many benefits of developing a gratitude process.  Wellness is so much more than physical and mental health.   For decades, physical health was the number one conversation happening in the wellness space. Food and exercise were […]


Mark Ledden gets to grips with problematic behavior and how to deal with it, and he shares these insights in this post.  While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and adopt entirely new behavior patterns, we often are asked to help our clients bring behaviors they already exhibit in one […]


Jesse Jacoby explains how to define and communicate your concept of corporate culture.  Ask 100 managers how they define organizational culture, and you’ll probably get as many different definitions as possible. Even scholars cannot agree; and that means that your definition is as appropriate as anyone else’s. This makes the challenge, however, of creating the […]

Tirrel Payton tackles the all-too-common messy problems that plague many a team and team manager.  “Our project is to implement a new widget management system”, she stated confidently. “Ok”, I said, “but what is the problem we are trying to solve?” “We need a new system…”, she reiterated. “Yea, but to what end? Whats the […]

Darryl Stickel shares a few best practices for parents who want to improve the bond of trust with their children.  When it comes to trust, kids are a special case.  They tend to trust us more than they should when they are young and less than they should as they mature.  Unfortunately, our kids tend […]

David Hensley shares an article on management and leadership styles.  We’ve observed – as we’re sure you have – that different managers and leaders have very different management/leadership styles. And that those styles don’t always fit the expectations of their organisations. We’ve also noted that whilst the miscommunication and dysfunctionality that a mis-match causes in […]

Bernie Heine offers advice on balancing analytical and emotional intelligence. Our Neural Networks Don’t Have to be Rivals. In times like these, we are all stressed, fearful, and worried for ourselves and others. Our people are concerned about their jobs and providing for their families. More globally, we are all concerned about the nation’s health […]


Ben Dattner shares an article published in Harvard Business Review that reveals the source of most conflicts in the workplace.  Conflict happens everywhere, including in the workplace. When it does, it’s tempting to blame it on personalities.  But more often than not, the real underlying cause of workplace strife is the situation itself, rather than […]