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Jared Simmons shares an evergreen post on team management and managing stress.  There are a lot of individual motivations on a team, and they don’t always align with what that team has been tasked to do. Because of these variants, you may find yourself caring when others don’t about the project tasks at hand. A […]

Amanda Setili shares insights on managing remote employees from her own experience of working remotely. Many companies are wrestling with how to best manage and motivate the many employees who want to work remotely on a permanent basis. It recently occurred to me that others might benefit from the lessons I’ve learned during the many […]

Greg Acton shares a podcast that explains why you should challenge assumptions when solving problems. While leadership entails guiding people in the direction of success, it also requires the ability to look at problems and seek solutions. How you frame those problems can have much to do with the solution arrived at. Mark Twain once […]

Barry Horwitz shares a post that explores the meaning of organizational structure, and why the right kind of strength is needed when developing strategies. One of the phrases I frequently hear — often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker — is that “culture eats strategy for lunch.” Many times, what’s being suggested is that strategy […]


Susan Drumm shares an episode from her podcast series The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews Bill Adams on the Leadership Cycle model and how to use it to inspire more and control less. Maybe you recognize yourself or another leader you know in this common but ineffective leadership pattern: A leader wants to […]

In this article published on, Diane Mulcahy shares an illuminating interview with Krystal Hicks where they discuss women in the gig economy and why companies don’t trust their employees. Krystal Hicks is the founder of JOBTALK, a company that grew out of her side gig providing talent, recruiting, and job-hunting advice to companies and […]

Amanda Setili explains why the structure of a video game can be applied to business to attract and leverage top talent.  There’s a reason that the video game industry is larger ($179.7 billion according to IDC data) than the movie and music industries combined: playing video games makes players feel good, and for reasons that […]

Tineke Keesmaat shares a podcast that explains how leaders can gain better insight into their team. In this episode of LeaderLab, we are joined by Dave MacLeod, CEO and co-founder of ThoughtExchange, to explore the importance of conversations in organizations. Based on his research and insights shared in his new book, Scaling conversations: How leaders […]

A six-minute read from Kaihan Krippendorff on how to be more influential at work.  Whether you’re trying to get your dream job, convince your boss to give you more responsibility, get your colleagues excited about your idea, get neighbors to vote for your proposal, or simply persuade family members to consider somewhere new for vacation, […]

Nora Ghaoui explains why there are benefits to being on the outside looking in.  When you’re trying to tackle a business challenge, what you can solve and how you can solve it depends on the position that you are in, not on the skills that you have. As I have switched roles between management and […]