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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Bianca Bozzone with Bozzone & Associates. Bianca spent a decade at a family office, developing and managing the strategy and portfolio contributing to inclusive and sustainable solutions and innovations across sectors. She has been managing her own consulting practice since 2019 and is passionate about partnering with clients to develop […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tyler Thornton with Tyler Thornton Consulting. Tyler is the Principal and Founder of Tyler Thornton Consulting, LLC. Tyler most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer for a 3,400-student charter school network in Cleveland, OH and has 15 years of experience working in K-12 strategy and operations. Having begun her […]

In this evergreen article, Johannes Hoech explains why managing fear connects to marketing effectiveness. Emotions are powerful and the biggest emotional motivator of all is fear. There are two types of fear. The first is real. It gets triggered when facing actual, life threatening situations. The second is psychological—these are things we make up in […]

In this article, Geoff Wilson shares how the secret to success lies under your feet. If you have spent more than a few minutes with me, then you likely have heard me chatter on about my passion for the game of golf dating back to when I started playing seriously twenty years ago. In my […]

In this article, David A. Fields helps you hone your focus and remember why you’re doing what you do.  Who is the one person your consulting firm needs to serve? Long-time readers (and even short time readers) know that consulting Rule #1 is… Consulting isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM—your prospects and clients. However, while […]

In this article, Robyn Bolton explains why problems with innovation is often a leadership communication problem. Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in an alternate reality? If so, you’re not alone.  Most innovators feel that way at some point. After all, you see things that others don’t. Question things that seem inevitable and true. […]

Tineke Keesmaat exposes the myth of the change management unicorn and replaces it with practical steps. Imagine this scenario. Ambitious leader. Countless dollars and hours invested into creating an exciting new strategy. Lots of team members to rally. An awesome launch. And then, wait for it, nothing. Ok, maybe not nothing, but definitely not knock-your-socks […]


Greg Acton shares an article on how the approach of a leader affects their business leadership and results. The capstone ROTC class is titled, simply, “Leadership.”  Mine was taught in 1998 by CAPT J.A. Fischbeck, a nuclear-trained former skipper of the USS La Jolla (SSN 701) and later the director of the Navy’s Arctic Submarine […]


In this article for the Harvard Business Review, Ben Dattner explains why you should interview people who turn down a job with your company. Successfully competing for top talent involves both selling jobs to the best candidates and retaining the highest performing incumbents. In order to be seen as an employer of choice with a […]

Darryl Stickel shares an article that explores building trust in a hostile environment. Amid the smoke and rubble of destroyed buildings stand a defiant Ukrainian people.  They are determined to protect their homeland from Russian invaders.  The Russians have more weapons, equipment, and trained soldiers.  But, within the borders of Ukraine, the Russians don’t have […]