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labor productivity

labor productivity


In this article, Evren Ozkaya explores labor tracking technologies and how they can improve production.  Factories around the world are experiencing one of two emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are either experiencing demand surge (e.g., personal protection equipment – PPE, hand sanitizers, essential pharmaceuticals) or demand loss (e.g., automotive, oil & gas products, non-essential […]

Davide Gronchi shares an article on optimizing your business during a labor shortage.  In the last few years we could all observe an increase of labor shortage in traditional sectors of the private business as well in the public administration. In May 2022 only in the US there were 11.3 million open positions vs. 9.3 […]

Alessandro Santo shares a report on the slowdown in labour-productivity growth in the United States and Western Europe and outline prospects for future growth. Nine years into the recovery from the Great Recession, labour-productivity-growth rates remain near historic lows across many advanced economies. Productivity growth is crucial to increase wages and living standards and helps […]