Inventory Management

Inventory Management


In this article, Abhinav Chandra explains how using AI can improve business processes and sales. 

Buying and inventory management automation can help retailers and brands react quickly, reduce markdowns and liquidations, improve customer experience, and drive profit.

The fashion industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19. The unprecedented 32% decline in first half sales year-over-year has not been distributed consistently across categories. Below we present data that details the contrasting fortunes of two categories within fashion – Women’s Jeans and Men’s Sweatpants. We highlight how buying and inventory management automation can help retailers and brands react quickly, reduce markdowns and liquidations, improve customer experience, and drive profit.

Contrasting fortunes of two fashion categories

 Below we present how COVID-19’s effect on people’s mobility has had a significant, but contrasting impact, on two fashion categories – Women’s Jeans and Men’s Sweatpants. “Change in people mobility” is defined as the percent change in people’s engagement with retail or recreation activities compared to an average period prior to the pandemic (Jan and Feb 2020).


Key points in this article include:

  • Change in sales and people mobility 
  • Women’s jeans case study
  • Men’s sweatpants case study


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Discover practical inventory management tips that can help your business grow in this post on Carlos Castelan’s company blog. 

For any products-based business, it’s hard to overstate the importance of inventory management. Not only does effective inventory management help you to evaluate the state of your business and reveal various roadblocks to your success, but it also helps you to keep operations running smoothly and ensure that your customers stay happy. And when your business is growing quickly, it becomes even more vital. As we talk to customers of all sizes, we have heard several themes -that’s why we’ve provided these inventory management tips for flourishing businesses:

Use Up-to-Date Software

One common mistake made by many companies is that they continue to use inventory management methods and/or software long after it has become obsolete. And it usually comes down to costs.

But as The Houston Chronicle’s website Chron explains, using archaic inventory management contributes to a host of problems that end up costing your company much more money than the price of quality, up-to-date software. Digitized tracking allows better forecasting, reduces errors, improves customer service, and enhances efficiency. Research the market, and you will likely find a number of cost-effective options that can transform your inventory management practices.


Key tips in this article include:

  • Improve your forecasting
  • Stick to FIFO
  • Audit your stock efficiently
  • Check your products


Read the full article, Is Your Business Growing? Consider These Practical Inventory Management Tips, on the Navio Group website.


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