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International Business

In this evergreen article, Anders Corr explores the relationship between China and Canada. Canada is in an uproar. On Saturday, the New York Times called Canadian concerns about China’s election interference a “political firestorm.” The storm is from intelligence leaked to multiple Canadian reporters and authors over the past few years from Canadian security sources. […]

  Cheenu Seshadri shares an article that explains the ins and outs of doing business in India, including how the EODB (ease of doing business) metrics on India measure up. When a client recently asked us if the investment climate had improved in India, we became curious ourselves and decided to dive in. Having lived […]

  Dan Markovitz provides an article that explores the ability of public US companies to operate as a wholly lean company. Can public US companies really embrace lean? Well sure, they can deploy lean tools here and there, but the whole socio-technical system that comprises lean? I don’t think so. Wall Street pressure for quarterly […]

  Dan Markovitz explains why time management and a shorter work week is good news for lean.   In the space of two weeks, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both ran articles on the productivity benefits of reduced work hours. The WSJ introduced us to the workers at Rheingans Digital Enabler […]

Dan Markovitz reveals a common problem that lean programs often face.    Boeing’s Starliner failed an important test flight two weeks ago. It was supposed to rendezvous with the International Space Station, but was unable to reach the correct orbit.   The problem with this engineering marvel? Not the complex aerodynamics, not the critical separation from […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Glenton Jelbert to our community.  Glenton does operational improvement work and data analytics. He is a lean manufacturing expert, recently helping organizations with everything from factory layouts to complete operational turnarounds. He is also a data expert. He has a PhD in Physics, and is comfortable in Excel, Access, MySQL, and Python. […]