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Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry

Michelle Zimmerman shares an article on what you may not know about insurance providers and healthcare. We all know that provider networks matter in healthcare. We understand that insurance products with both in-network and out-of-network coverage are more expensive and that if we want to keep our existing providers we should carefully check whether each […]

In this post, Uwe Heiss explores the effect of placebo pricing on pain management. Here is an interesting study about placebo pricing (Waber 2008). Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke University showed in a study with 82 healthy volunteers that the price of pills contributes to their placebo effect. All study participants got a […]

In this article, Sohil Parekh turns his focus to healthcare and the challenges faced by people with rare diseases and their families.  We stood under bright blue skies in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. The late Spring sun shone down on us. The morning seemed colder than it was as a light breeze blew in from […]

In this article, Michele Holcomb shares the three key drivers in healthcare. I lead a team that sets the course for the future of Cardinal Health. We look around corners, study the trends and drivers that will shape our industry and the competitive environment, and develop strategies to address our customers’ needs. Our mission: To […]