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health technology

Uwe Heiss shares an article that identities the benefits of giving caregivers tools that help them provide valuable information.  In practical terms, a stakeholder in a person’s health will find it difficult to contribute and receive relevant health information and to participate in informed decision-making if they are not a Covered Entity under HIPAA (reimbursed […]

Alex Sharpe shares an older but relevant article with links to sources  and on the danger of cybercrime in health technology and other industries.  The cyber industry has a long history of dealing with data and information in both paper and in digital formats. The information in our DNA is different. DNA is who we […]

Robert Armstrong shares an article that demonstrates how modeling and simulation tools can be used in nursing. There are a number of professional societies that impact both modeling and simulation (M&S) professionals and the healthcare M&S industry as a whole. The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) serves the largest practitioner community […]

Jim Price shares a whitepaper he co-authored with Abby Coleman, and Haley Teves on the 340B-eligible health system.  This paper explores how a 340B-eligible health system can leverage its control of its own health plan to lower its net drug benefit costs by increasing the compliant-usage of 340B (which generates margin by the Covered Entity […]


Andrew McKee shares an article on the latest developments in Ulcerative Colitis.  Many of our clients are pursuing groundbreaking therapies in disease areas with high unmet medical needs, giving our firm the chance to become intimately familiar with some of the most exciting areas in drug development.  One disease area that is receiving a lot […]