health industry

health industry

In this article, Suhail Acharya makes a case for a high-quality primary care network to help optimize hospital capacity. Recent trends appear to make a case for health systems needing to diversify their revenue to maintain financial health. However, one strategy that is underappreciated is investing in primary care to optimize hospital capacity and generate […]

Holger Mueller shares a post on a new treatment he has recently been involved with. I am very proud to be involved with Crearene AG who are addressing a key driver of patient quality of life, decreasing muscle strength, as a consequence of continuous dialysis. Dialysis is a standard method for cleaning a patient’s blood […]

Uwe Heiss shares an article that identities the benefits of giving caregivers tools that help them provide valuable information.  In practical terms, a stakeholder in a person’s health will find it difficult to contribute and receive relevant health information and to participate in informed decision-making if they are not a Covered Entity under HIPAA (reimbursed […]

Robert Armstrong shares an article that demonstrates how modeling and simulation tools can be used in nursing. There are a number of professional societies that impact both modeling and simulation (M&S) professionals and the healthcare M&S industry as a whole. The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning (INACSL) serves the largest practitioner community […]

In this article, Andrew McKee identifies the top five uncertainties his company tackles when creating revenue forecast models. One of our most sought-after commercial strategy services is the creation of revenue forecasts. As such, we’ve spent numerous projects ruminating on the most influential uncertainties in building revenue forecasts, and how to best converge on a […]