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Goal setting

Goal setting

How do you know that you are on track for large aggressive goals? This article from Joy Fairbanks will help you measure traction on tough goals. Founders, if you are asked to set 2-3 milestones for your startup within a 6-12 month timeframe, what would they be?  Customer targets?  Revenue levels?  Geographic expansion?  Capital raise?  […]

Brittany Blackamore shares her strategy on how to achieve New Year’s resolutions.  I love New Year’s resolutions. While some people find most resolutions silly and unachievable, I have experienced a very high success rate of achieving my resolutions, once I learned to make my goals realistic and measurable. When making resolutions to improve, whether at […]

  Sean O’Toole explains why there will be no going back to normal and why the current disruption provides opportunities for companies that can redefine themselves for the future. The world post-COVID19 will be very different from [the one] we just left a few weeks back! Each crisis has brought dramatic changes in consumer, business […]

  Paul Millerd explores what it means to achieve your goals and why the simple goals stop working and you either have to keep raising the stakes or change your orientation. In 2015, Kevin Durant left his team of nine years to join the best basketball team in the world. In the NBA, great players […]