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Global economics

Global economics


Andrew Seay shares an article that goes beyond the feel-good headlines of electric vehicle adoption to identify a potential risky confrontation with China. EVs feel like a good news story:  They leave a carbon footprint 75% lower than their ICE counterparts.  They are 40% less expensive to maintain.  Four door EVs like the Tesla Model […]

Wolfgang Hammes shares his view on the current inflation situation; he provides a historical perspective on inflation rates in the States, and a warning on overconfidence and complacency.  July CPI inflation rate minimally improved to 8.5 %. This marginal improvement was enough to initiate great euphoria among investors, politicians, and business leaders. Are we seeing […]

In this article, Tobias Baer raises a red flag on inflation drivers and where and why they could escalate. My colleagues already have observed 20 years ago that I am a worry wart. So some of you won’t be surprised that I have been worrying about inflation for more than a year now. But the […]


Tim Worboys explains how a leading insurtech company managed to be successful amid declining global economic conditions.  Hippo, a leading US insurtech company, announced yesterday that they had raised $150M in a Series E round, valuing the business at $1.5B post fundraising. As the global economic conditions continue to prove challenging due to the ongoing […]

Anders Corr shares an article published in Epoch Times that explores Canada’s relationship with China.  On Christmas, Canada’s Global television aired an interview with the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He made excellent points on the need for democracies and their allies to cooperate more in dealing with the China threat. “We’ve been competing and […]


Anders Corr shares an article he wrote for the Epoch Times on a closer AUKUS alliance. Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) just took a huge step in the right direction toward deterring China’s aggression. On Sept. 16, President Biden announced that the United States and Britain would assist Australia in acquiring […]

  Indranil Ghosh shares the latest episode of Powering Prosperity Weekly. In this post, he shares an interview with Rachel Ziemba of The Street where they discuss the fiscal and infrastructure proposals in Biden’s US congressional address. Welcome to this week’s edition of Powering Prosperity Weekly. This newsletter looks at issues relating to the Global […]