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Gig Workers


Diane Mulcahy shares a post on the benefits of being an independent worker. The old sports saying that “champions are made in the off season,” applies to teams at work as well as teams on the playing field. The current “off season” is a challenging time. In my latest article for WorkMarket by ADP, I […]

  As the world begins to realize there will be no return to normal, Diane Mulcahy shares an article that explores the need to rethink the future of work. Work was ripe for disruption long before 2020. The fundamental structure of work, and the ways we work, haven’t kept pace with technology, with corporate needs […]

  In this article for WorkMarket, Diane Mulcahy explains why gig workers may provide the solution you need to adapt to the current pandemic and changing business environment. The world, the economic environment, and the demands placed on your company are all changing in unexpected ways. The difference between succeeding or failing to manage through […]

Stephen Redwood explains how organization design projects can fail to meet their objectives. It’s a funny thing, but when it comes to the subject of organization design the first question clients usually ask me is: “How can we not screw this up?”Not unreasonably, clients recognize how unsettling these projects can be. They know that, too […]