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Gig Economy

Gig Economy

Diane Mulcahy shares an article published in the Harvard Review that explores how the indicators of success in the gig economy are changing. The winners and losers in the U.S. economy have traditionally been easy to identify. If you had a full-time job, you won. A full-time job provided the steady income needed to support […]

  Thomas K Hamann recently published two chapters in the book Managing Work in the Digital Economy.   New Forms of Creating Value: Platform-Enabled Gig Economy Today and in 2030 by Thomas K. Hamann & Stefan Güldenberg Abstract This chapter explains the origins and development of the so-called gig economy and it provides a typology for […]


  Paul Millerd shares insights from multiple sources on the future of work in these five conversations.  The future of work can mean anything.  I’ve had many conversations and discussions around the idea of “future of work” where people talk past each other, often focused on different fundamental issues.  In an effort to make sense […]


  Diane Mulcahy was recently interviewed on the Ideas X People podcast where she discusses the gig economy and how to use it to your advantage. I actually created the MBA class on the gig economy at Babson College about seven years ago, and at the time, the gig economy was not even a thing […]

  Diane Mulcahy interviews Krystal Hicks to find out why some companies don’t hire remote employees, and how the Gig Economy has shifted the power balance between employers and employees.   Krystal Hicks is the founder of JOBTALK, a company that grew out of her side gig providing talent, recruiting, and job-hunting advice to companies […]