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Future of Work

Future of Work

Tobias Baer explores a new skill that AI is developing and the growing ability of AI to steer humans by evoking strong emotional reactions.  There is life beyond #ChatGPT – and this post definitely is about something else. Namely, I want to draw your attention to something much bigger that is developing in the world […]

AI – will it mean exponential growth for humanity, or a new dark age? Wojciech Gryc explores the potential and offers three approaches to alleviate the risks.  Large language models like GPT-4, Claude, and others are ushering a new world – one where AI is available to everyone and everyone can benefit from showing an […]

Paul Millerd takes a look forward to 2025 and writes about what winning organizations will look like. I have studied organizations, people and motivation and am fascinated by the changes that have unfolded in my relatively short career. I’ll defer to Neils Bohr to qualify this entire piece: Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s […]

Paul Millerd shares a thought-provoking article on the current culture that drives a myopic view of life, work, and the all-encompassing career path. Modern work critics blame Frederick Taylor for the hyper-optimization of the modern workplace. The accepted narrative is that Taylor kicked off a movement that looked at work as something that could be […]

Diane Mulcahy shares an article published in the Harvard Review that explores how the indicators of success in the gig economy are changing. The winners and losers in the U.S. economy have traditionally been easy to identify. If you had a full-time job, you won. A full-time job provided the steady income needed to support […]

What if a futurist could answer questions posed by CSOs? The following article shared by Kaihan Krippendorff reveals the answers to ten questions asked of renowned futurist Faith Popcorn. Earlier this month, The Outthinker Strategy Network hosted futurist Faith Popcorn as a roundtable guest. Faith joined our community of chief strategy officers and executives to […]

Wojciech Gryc shares a post that explores a strategy, Salesforce, Slack, and the future of work.  If you judge Salesforce based on its best-known product lines, you’re likely to underestimate the business and its level of creativity. Between its Slack acquisition, its latest streaming content announcement, and its rivalry with Microsoft, the company is executing […]

  Jeffery Perry explores what the new normal may look like as the return to the office begins. People want to get back to normal as the world emerges post-pandemic, but this has different implications across aspects of life. Back to normal may apply in social situations like visiting family and friends, dining at restaurants, […]

  It’s always interesting to take a look back while stepping forward. In this older post from Supriya Prakash Sen, the use of AI technology in the workplace was explored. How does it compare to today’s outlook? The news has been awash with provocative articles about the future of jobs in our society. The exponentially […]

  The future of work, agriculture, education, and even relationships are all areas facing change thanks to AI technology. David Edelman extols the benefits of AI in this post. The digital explosion, accelerated by Covid, has not made life on the front lines of sales and customer service any easier. In fact, when customers are […]