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future of business

future of business

Stephen Redwood shares an article that explores the impact of AI and ChatGPT on corporations.  AI AND CHATGPT3 HAVE RUNG THE WARNING BELLS – YOU MAY DELAY, BUT TIME WILL NOT  According to analysis by Statista in 2021 the average time spent per day on digital media in the US was eight hours and five […]

In this article, Marc Bachs Castan explores the concept, function, and future of money. This is the lesson I wish I had been taught on my first day at university. I studied Economics and, ironically, we never discussed what money is. Instead, we just assumed for everything we did for the next 4 years that […]

If you sometimes wonder what can be done in the western world to deal with present day issues and insanities, Nicholas Beecroft may have the answer in his new book where he shares a psychiatrist’s prescription for western civilization. We are entering a period of dramatic change that will reshape our world. The tectonic plates […]

Jason Schenker shares an article and resource links that all business leaders may find informative and useful. This Weekly LinkedIn newsletter from Jason Schenker includes original research from The Futurist Institute and Prestige Economics to help prepare leaders for the future — this week and beyond! 1. The Future of Manufacturing, the Economy, and Commodity […]

Indranil Ghosh shares an article that expands the concept of ESG and asks if this is the way forward for the future of business.  Last week, Shelley Goldberg and I talked about ESG investing’s lack of impact. In Part II of this series, we focus on a model of partnership between investors, businesses, and governments […]