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financial sector

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Stijn Leupe with Insight & Action. Stijn helps organizations improve their end to end performance in a data driven way. Stijn has 18 years experience in Financial Services, where he has applied data analytics in a vast set of domains, from pricing, over marketing, up till risk management. He has […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome David Rancourt. A summary of David’s experience follows. “I’m David and my niche is the intersection of Finance and Strategy in the financial sector. I have worked closely with CFOs and other senior executives on key strategic issues where analytical rigour and both business and financial acumen are critical. My […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Xavier Jopart with Fisheye Consulting. Xavier is a freelance management consultant with deep expertise in the financial sector, Small Business development and Government policy and regulation. Xavier started his consulting career with McKinsey & Company in Belgium and worked for a total of 10 years with McKinsey, in Brussels, in […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sertac Yeltekin with Zingforce Ventures. Mr. Sertac Yeltekin is the Founder and Managing Director of Zingforce Ventures “Z-Force”, a firm specialized in venture building, advisory and social finance based in Singapore. He is also the Co-founder and General Partner of Purpose Venture Capital, a firm investing in early stage tech companies […]