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In this article, Marc Bachs Castan explores the concept, function, and future of money. This is the lesson I wish I had been taught on my first day at university. I studied Economics and, ironically, we never discussed what money is. Instead, we just assumed for everything we did for the next 4 years that […]

Natalie Ceeney shares an article on the potential of Fintech and how it can be used as a positive force. Last week was UK Fintech Week. Thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, regulators, advisers and headhunters gathered across the UK to network, showcase innovation and negotiate. They were joined by 15 international delegations from China, the […]

For all who dream of winning big and reaping rewards, Jacob Lehman delivers the best odds in probability to help you to decide which ticket to buy.   NOTE: The following post discusses the New York and multistate lotteries as an exercise in probability and decision-making. It does not constitute financial advice or recommendations. You must […]

Neeraj Monga shares an article on the recent banking news. First Republic Bank (“FRC”, or the “Bank), with a current market capitalization of $4.2B, is still standing with conflicting opinions as to its viability. Although The Federal Reserve (“The Fed”), the U.S. Treasury, and a consortium of the largest U.S. banks agreed to provide deposit […]

Marc Bachs Castan co-wrote this article on the compounding benefits of long-term thinking. To eat or not to eat the marshmallow, that is the question You are 4 years old. Instead of taking you to the playground like any other day, your parents take you to a building you have never been to before. You […]

Modak Fahad shares an article on delivering a differentiated client experience in asset and wealth management. The asset and wealth management industry continues to experience a lot of consolidation with deals such as Morgan Stanley/E*Trade/Eaton Vance, Schwab/TD Ameritrade, and Franklin Templeton/Legg Mason. Scale is becoming an important competitive advantage in this winner-takes-all environment. Leaders in […]

If it seems like your company burns through money, Serge Milman may provide insight into the reason why.  If you’ve spent any time at all around Procurement professionals, then you’ve likely heard about Tail Spend Sourcing. There are numerous consultants, technology providers, outsourcing providers and even some Procurement Leaders singing its praises. That’s unfortunate. Organizations […]

Marc Bachs Castan shares an article he co-wrote with and was published on DataDrivenInvestor.  Disclaimer: We are not investment advisors. All opinions are ours alone. There are risks involved in placing any investment. None of the information presented in our articles is intended to form the basis for any offer or recommendation or have any […]


Boris Galonske shares a white paper on investing in infrastructure to increase financial stability and prosperity. Infrastructure has evolved as an investment asset class. With increasing investment needs, the participation of private capital has increased as well. However, a funding gap remains putting economic development at risk. The 2008 financial crisis has shown that infrastructure […]


Jeffery Perry shares a post that explores Gen Z  and their move towards financial acumen. Gen Z is no longer just children. The oldest members of Gen Z turn 25 in 2021 and are demonstrating their own attitudes about money and their financial futures. As the first generation to be completely immersed in digital technologies, […]