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Evalusys report

Evalusys report

  Lin Giralt shares findings from a Evalusys and Lambda study of over 600 small and medium sized enterprises in the U.S., covering ten categories, including results on: human resource management, business exit readiness, innovation processes and capabilities, and quality of business processes. What Evalusys and Lambda have learned about US Small and Medium Sized […]

  Robyn Bolton explains why Visual Thinking (VTS) sessions improve creative problem solving and critical thinking skills and provide major benefits to executives. “It was quite a sight! A dozen senior executives from a big, conservative financial services firm, all sitting on the floor in front of a painting, talking about what it could mean […]

  As we become increasingly aware of the prevalence of the conscious or unconscious racial bias, Tobais Baer provides a timely article that may help address and overcome sneaky biases that affect decisions, opinions, and actions.  The tragic death of George Floyd has triggered a global push to fight racial discrimination. There are many ways […]

  If you have ever wondered why your messaging is misconstrued or find that you lapse into cliches at meetings, help is at hand. Bernie Heine identifies what not to say, why not, and what to say instead.  Two Must-Do Guidelines and Five Clichés to Avoid. Strategic Review or any meeting Your strategic review is […]

  Dan Markovitz shares a new video series on the root cause of CEO overwhelm and provides a downloadable PDF on why the best CEOs don’t feel overwhelmed.  As many of you know, I conducted a study of CEO overwhelm this winter. It wasn’t entirely surprising that CEOs (and other leaders) who embraced lean habits […]

  David A. Fields posts a positive reminder that everyone can promote purposeful change, including consultants.   Today’s an excellent day to briefly remind you of the good your consulting firm does, and the importance of understanding the “Why” behind your consulting firm’s engagements. In all likelihood, your consulting firm doesn’t directly address widespread injustice, […]

  Geoff Wilson provides a reality check and a sage reminder to plant your feet firmly on the ground when looking to the future.    Times of crisis require a change of perspective and a call to action. So, here we are, weeks into a bizarre world of isolation, uncertainty, and pain.  If one thing […]

  Aneta Key shares a new video in her series on video conferencing. This week: brevity. During the recent series of workshops about online meetings, I realized that as we reimagine how we lead meetings online, some fundamentals are unchanged.  So, I give you the second video of what may become a series on the […]

  As many of us continue to hold a business together through online meetings, Susan Drumm provides expert advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of the virtual workplace, including tips on planning and running online meetings. Effective virtual meetings? Ha! If they exist, I’ve certainly never attended one.” If this was your thought process […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter provides a few words of encouragement and valuable links that will inspire and motivate. Now is a good time to sharpen the saw. Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”According to recent […]