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Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership


In this article, Jesse Jacoby explores the benefits of hiring employees with shared values, and the problem with creating shared values. It’s been suggested that you can increase team performance by creating values that all members share. Sounds like a great idea, right? What could be better than if everyone had the same red lines, […]

Amanda Setili shares a short post on what a workshop with Alan Mulally, retired Ford CEO, taught her about business leadership. I had the enormous good fortune to not just attend an enlightening workshop delivered by retired Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, but to also spend time talking with him and gaining a deeper understanding of […]

In this insightful article, Indranil Ghosh shares a quick review of building civilization, how the focus and values have changed, and how we can move forward with 7 Principles of Prosperity. It began, anthropologists tell us, with the pig. From the beginning of human history, humans hunted meat and gathered grains, berries and the other […]

Stephanie Hsu recently spoke at the White House Forum on “Expanding Philanthropic Capital to AANHPI Communities.” Our very own Jeremy Lin Foundation Executive Director STEPHANIE HSU spoke at the White House Forum on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders on “Expanding Philanthropic Capital to AANHPI Communities.” For decades, AANHPI communities have been under-funded and […]

As capitalist growth moves forward at light speed, Jennifer Hartz shares an evergreen article on the importance of building communication lines and skills and strategic partnerships among private, public, and independent sectors. Nonprofit organizations and business volunteers need each other, but sometimes they speak different languages or don’t hear each other’s needs and assets. Companies […]

Darryl Stickel shares an evergreen article that is designed to help leaders build trust by examining the role that our emotions play in our decisions to trust. Both love and hate are blind. The vast majority of the existing literature on trust takes a rational actor perspective. That means the authors assume people are always […]

Soyini Coke shares an evergreen article that explains why it takes courage to move forward with ethical leadership. Ethics has been on many people’s minds lately. On day 20 of a government shutdown, we’re in a tough spot today in the US. “One of the things about ethics that is really important to understand, is […]


Supriya Prakash Sen shares a few key takeaways on the dark side of the tech revolution.  Came across this an alarming but important book called “The Internet is NOT the Answer” (2015) by Andrew Keen, a well known commentator based in Silicon Valley. Written by an industry veteran- it is obviously a ringside view, and […]


Bernie Heine shares a post designed to improve leadership skills by avoiding these seven mistakes. Avoid negative conflicts. Resolving conflicts, both employee- and customer-related, is an area in which all leaders must excel. To address the conflicts in the right way, it is crucial to understand that there are two types of conflicts: Productive conflicts: […]

  Jeffery Perry identifies the importance of authenticity in leadership and how to achieve it.  Do you? In the age of “keeping it real,” people in leadership roles are encouraged to project their authentic selves as a prerequisite for top performance and to inspire others. It is almost impossible for leaders to be effective without […]