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Energy Economy

Energy Economy

Robin Duquette shares a comprehensive article on decarbonization, renewable energy, and establishing a competitive market to achieve 100% clean energy. Today’s primary approach to decarbonizing the electric grids is to add renewable capacity to offset thermal generation. For instance, many corporations have signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable producers to offset partially or totally […]

The Facts on Carbon Capture vs Batteries  Robin Duquette shares a comprehensive article that explains why carbon capture is a cost-effective way to reach clean-power targets. Solar and wind have become the de-facto technologies for attaining 100 percent clean-power targets. But their intermittency is such that we have to store energy for many hours if […]

Morten Stilling shares a company post that explains how a wind farm can harvest renewable energy and food, capture carbon and clean the ocean all at once. OX2 plans to build the offshore wind park Galatea-Galene outside of Falkenberg on the West Coast of Sweden. When planning the wind farm the company looked at using […]


Andrew Seay shares an article that goes beyond the feel-good headlines of electric vehicle adoption to identify a potential risky confrontation with China. EVs feel like a good news story:  They leave a carbon footprint 75% lower than their ICE counterparts.  They are 40% less expensive to maintain.  Four door EVs like the Tesla Model […]

  Indranil Ghosh shares part one in a two part series that makes a case for the hydrogen economy, and links to an interview with Hervé Touati, Executive Director at Available Power, and Frank Wouters, Global Lead Green Hydrogen at Worley. Welcome to this week’s edition of Powering Prosperity Weekly. This weekly newsletter looks at […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ulrich Schumacher.  Ulrich is an expert in CRM, CEM, e-commerce and marketing; especially in the B2B and B2C retail environment. To date, he has been able to successfully apply his skills in various renowned companies in consulting and line functions. Ulrich is able to lead and realign large marketing areas […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Moe with Cartograph. Chris Moe joined McKinsey in 2011 as a BA, focusing primarily on Sales & Marketing for B2C companies, across topics including pricing, digital pricing, and growth. After leaving to spend two years at a structured credit hedge fund in NYC, he returned to McKinsey and split […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Brendan Kelly.  Brendan Kelly has more than 15 years of professional experience across multiple sectors and industries including public affairs, top-tier consulting, and financial services. Following an early career as a lobbyist for the Irish financial service industry, he joined the Dublin/London office of McKinsey in 2010 where he worked […]