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Employee retention

Employee retention

Kaihan Krippendorff shares an article that identifies how employees can increase their employability using the “influence formula” regardless of how unemployment rates fluctuate. In the war for talent, talent is winning. Unemployment has not been this low since 1968. Employers are paying 20% compensation premiums to hire new employees. And across nearly every industry, the […]

Robyn Bolton shares an article that explores whether staff resignations help or hinder innovation within the company. The Great Resignation is real. At the start of 2021, 40% of employees thought about quitting. Between April and September, more than 24MM turned those thoughts into action. You don’t want your people to be in either of […]

Finding the right people to work with is difficult, so when you have a good employee, how do you ensure you keep them? Jesse Jacoby explains how to stop your talent from leaving your company. Talent flight refers to the sense of a sudden exodus of highly skilled people from the current organization. It’s not […]

Usman A. Ghani provides a downloadable PDF on relaunching your business in a post COVID economy. To successfully relaunch your business in the  Post-­‐‑Covid-­‐‑19 economies,  you need real answers to questions such as those below. To thrive in the emerging business environment, you must implement feasible, proactive, and timely solutions for your specific recovery goals. […]

  Robyn Bolton offers a post that illustrates a common issue in today’s workplaces. Some conversations stick with you for a long time. Some conversations take your breath away the moment they happen. A few weeks ago, I had one that did both. “Everyone is focused on ‘humanizing’ work,” my client said. “I wish people […]

  As the disruption continues, many businesses struggle to retain their employees. This post from David Burnie’s company provides strategies that can help keep employees on board, engaged, and motivated. Happy, successful employees are critical for a successful company. While companies must consider how to retain employees at the best of times, employee retention is […]

  Amanda Setili shares eight steps you can take to mitigate stress and uncertainty during the current crisis.  I’ve been astounded by the degree and speed of innovation and change these last few weeks. Things that in normal times would have taken months or years to do have been accomplished in days, largely because people […]