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Employee productivity

Employee productivity


In this article, Evren Ozkaya explores labor tracking technologies and how they can improve production.  Factories around the world are experiencing one of two emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are either experiencing demand surge (e.g., personal protection equipment – PPE, hand sanitizers, essential pharmaceuticals) or demand loss (e.g., automotive, oil & gas products, non-essential […]

John Sturdivant shares the unfortunate costs of lost revenue due to the post-lunch slump. You’ve probably joked about a post-lunch food coma, but it’s really not funny when you realize it might be costing your team $75k per year, or more if you’re a larger enterprise. We looked at a sample of ~20k data points […]

Caroline Taich shares a useful post with tactics that can help identify unique strengths. In this blog, we have been exploring the McKinsey model for change. Last week I wrote about conviction as a driver of change.  This week I’m thinking about the skills you need for change.  Here is a big one – the […]

  Dan Markovitz explains why training without a goal is a waste of time.    “Just in case 2020 wasn’t challenging enough for you, here’s a brilliant example of how to waste time, money, and credibility in 2021. The HR department at a company approached me recently about teaching employees process mapping. This company recognizes […]

  Bernie Heine provides a few cost-effective ways to boost employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Showing gratitude to employees is essential, and a good and easy way to do it is with employee incentives that don’t cost money. A good business leader should reward the employees when they deserve it. However, the reason why they […]