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employee performance

employee performance

Loddie Foose shares an experience that illustrates how a disempowering executive interaction can lead to a key moment in learning how to look at an issue from a different perspective to gain understanding. I felt my stomach drop as I looked at his face. “Mr. VP” had invited me into his office to provide feedback […]


In this article, Jessica Lackey provides three reasons to welcome some FOMO in your business. The call to take on everything at once, to maximize our time, to avoid the opportunity cost of time, is deeply ingrained in our society. Our bucket lists are long. Our intentions are big. And we see on the internet […]


Mark Ledden shares a podcast where he is interviewed on how to change problematic behavior.  Mike Merrill:  Hi, I’m Mike Merrill. And I’m here with Kenning partner, Mark. Ledden.  Mark Ledden: Mike. Good to talk to you today. Mike: Today we’re talking about four steps for changing problematic behaviors. Do you want to describe what […]


In this article, Paul Millerd explains why working at McKinsey changed how he thought about organizations, culture, values and the idea of “high performance”. Driving to work that day I was filled with excitement. It was not a feeling I had associated with work in the past.As I drove into the parking garage, I still […]

The fast pace of business and the constant call for innovation increases burnout and attrition. Fortunately, in this article, Jared Simmons shares ways to keep pace. Everyone wants to innovate, but few can find the right balance. Innovation creates excitement and allows teams to think and grow beyond their current state but is often quickly […]

Xavier Lederer shares a company post that explains how these five tips will increase your employees’ accountability. My company has lots of potential, but I just feel my employees are not engaged. If I don’t push, nothing seems to happen. I’m working night and day and we’re still missing 40% of our targets. I once […]

Amanda Setili explains why the structure of a video game can be applied to business to attract and leverage top talent.  There’s a reason that the video game industry is larger ($179.7 billion according to IDC data) than the movie and music industries combined: playing video games makes players feel good, and for reasons that […]


Mark Ledden gets to grips with problematic behavior and how to deal with it, and he shares these insights in this post.  While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and adopt entirely new behavior patterns, we often are asked to help our clients bring behaviors they already exhibit in one […]

As advances in technology improve processes and operations, business leaders must still deal with the prevalent issue of human behavior, especially when it is problematic and recurring. Mark Ledden shares four key steps that can change the negative habits towards the positive. While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and […]

  Shelli Baltman shares a post from an intern at her company that gives all team leaders, bosses, and managers insight into introverted employees and how to help them integrate.  As someone who’s always been the quiet person in the room, I never could have imagined that I would end up in an organization like […]