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employee management

Barry Horwitz shares a post on employee management and how to ensure you know what’s going on in the workspace. Maybe you’ve seen the news: Apparently, Vladimir Putin is being misled by his advisors who are afraid to tell him that his ill-conceived attack on Ukraine is not going well. While I shudder to think […]

Christy Johnson shares a professional development post that provides ten useful links to online courses. As organizations and individuals begin a new chapter of remote work today, this workshop series provides a solid foundation amidst an uncertain time. At Artemis Connection, our team has spent thousands of hours working remotely with clients across the world. […]

Amanda Setili shares insights on managing remote employees from her own experience of working remotely. Many companies are wrestling with how to best manage and motivate the many employees who want to work remotely on a permanent basis. It recently occurred to me that others might benefit from the lessons I’ve learned during the many […]

Barry Horwitz shares a post that explores the meaning of organizational structure, and why the right kind of strength is needed when developing strategies. One of the phrases I frequently hear — often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker — is that “culture eats strategy for lunch.” Many times, what’s being suggested is that strategy […]

Tineke Keesmaat explains why talking is often better than sending an email when it comes to communicating and leading your team.  Research shows that over 90% of leaders still rely on emails to engage with teams. While email is useful, if you want to be an inspiring leader you need to actually talk with your […]

Guillermo Herbozo shares effective guiding principles when implementing an adult learning program in the workplace. No one would know that they just attended three weeks of training” a distressed Manager from a Top 3 US Telecommunications company recently told me. The team had just completed onboarding and most of the team members didn’t have a […]


Mark Ledden gets to grips with problematic behavior and how to deal with it, and he shares these insights in this post.  While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and adopt entirely new behavior patterns, we often are asked to help our clients bring behaviors they already exhibit in one […]

As advances in technology improve processes and operations, business leaders must still deal with the prevalent issue of human behavior, especially when it is problematic and recurring. Mark Ledden shares four key steps that can change the negative habits towards the positive. While Kenning coaches do sometimes help our clients learn how to invent and […]

Jesse Jacoby shares key steps for leaders to help their team accept and manage change. In your role as a leader, you will likely encounter resistance to change at some point from one or more of your own team members. Resistance may come from a variety of sources: An individual with a difficult personality Someone […]

  Jeffery Perry explores what the new normal may look like as the return to the office begins. People want to get back to normal as the world emerges post-pandemic, but this has different implications across aspects of life. Back to normal may apply in social situations like visiting family and friends, dining at restaurants, […]