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employee management

Dealing with difficult employees is not a pleasant experience, however,  in this article, Zahra Abdullah provides practical tips on how to approach employees with a negative attitude and turn the situation around.  In my coaching conversations with leaders, we sometimes have to deal with problems concerning their employees’ attitudes. I’ve often heard a person I’m […]


Ben Dattner shares a post and link to an article published in the New York Times.    Access the article on LinkedIn.


Mark Ledden shares a podcast where he is interviewed on how to change problematic behavior.  Mike Merrill:  Hi, I’m Mike Merrill. And I’m here with Kenning partner, Mark. Ledden.  Mark Ledden: Mike. Good to talk to you today. Mike: Today we’re talking about four steps for changing problematic behaviors. Do you want to describe what […]

Darryl Stickel shares an article that explores building trust in a hostile environment. Amid the smoke and rubble of destroyed buildings stand a defiant Ukrainian people.  They are determined to protect their homeland from Russian invaders.  The Russians have more weapons, equipment, and trained soldiers.  But, within the borders of Ukraine, the Russians don’t have […]

Diana Dosik shares a Ted Talk where she explains why we need to treat our employees as thoughtfully as our customers. Today’s companies know everything there is to know about their customers and will stop at nothing to ensure that their experience is pleasant and meaningful. But what if they directed some of that same […]

Xavier Lederer shares a company post that explains how these five tips will increase your employees’ accountability. My company has lots of potential, but I just feel my employees are not engaged. If I don’t push, nothing seems to happen. I’m working night and day and we’re still missing 40% of our targets. I once […]


Conflict in the workplace is a common problem for all companies, however, in this article, Bernie Heine offers ways to resolve employee conflict and move it from destructive to productive.  We’re all very familiar with conflict, whether it be in our friendships, familial dynamics, or professional relationships. Conflict is a regular aspect of interpersonal relationships […]

In most workplaces, there will be times when personal biases and issues clash causing workplace problems. In addition to interpersonal trust barriers, trust can be broken at an organizational or governmental level and media often creates silos that reinforce the breakdown of trust. However, there are solutions. Darryl Stickel shares a podcast where he was […]

Amanda Setili shares a short post on the problem of “placebo buttons” in the workplace and how to avoid using them.  Did you know that many “walk” buttons at intersections actually do nothing? Not because they’re broken, but because they were deliberately deactivated when computer-controlled traffic signals were put in place. Even now that I […]

Sherif El-Henaoui shares an article that is designed to help you redefine how you identify and deal with difficult people.  Often I hear the term difficult about a person that colleagues don’t like or don’t like working with. I kept thinking about that for a while with the conclusion that there is no such thing […]