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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Bea Beste explores the sad fact that kindness is often met with skepticism in today’s Western society. Most of us get along better with kind and warm people. But what if they are “too” nice? So is caution required? What does it say about our society that some view kindness with skepticism? We all know […]

If you occasionally or frequently suffer from a lack of confidence, this article by Zawah Jameel and Rahul Bhargava shares advice, practices, and exercises that can help you overcome crippling self-doubt. We all have experienced self-doubts, especially when it comes to undertaking significant life decisions. Whether it is the selection of a career or prospects […]

Susan Drumm shares an article that explains how to assess your own emotional intelligence. First of all, I know what you’re thinking. “Susan, is it even possible to assess your own emotional intelligence? How am I going to convince my friends and coworkers to be really honest about my EQ?” Is this the same as […]


In this article, Jared Simmons shares useful advice that can help you deal with difficult conversations at work. At some point in your career, you’ll be faced with the need to have a tough conversation with a colleague, boss, or team member. There are countless guides on how to master these conversations, what to do […]


Peter Costa offers his perspective on gender and leadership. There are mountains of research on the importance of diversity in building high-performing organizations. There is at least as much insight on the nature of leadership, including that there is no one “right” leadership style. The most effective leaders are true to themselves, their strengths, and […]

Ben Dattner co-wrote this article that explains why being a great second in command requires emotional intelligence. In 1959, John French and Bertram Raven, social psychologists, published their “Five Bases of Power” model, which has been highly influential in social and organizational psychology ever since. The five kinds of power they delineated included the ability […]

Bernie Heine offers advice on balancing analytical and emotional intelligence. Our Neural Networks Don’t Have to be Rivals. In times like these, we are all stressed, fearful, and worried for ourselves and others. Our people are concerned about their jobs and providing for their families. More globally, we are all concerned about the nation’s health […]

  Ravi Rao recently co-hosted a webinar with Angela Thompson for the Columbus Retail Roundtable where they discussed the importance of emotional intelligence at all levels of the corporate arena. I have a very weird background. Essentially, three chapters.  Chapter one was a decade spent in a science environment at Johns Hopkins and then Harvard, […]

  Ravi Rao was recently interviewed on the podcast The Why Word where he explains how businesses can become emotionally healthier places to work, and reap the benefits of a happier, motivated, and more productive workforce. Humans survive because we care about each other, because we are connected to each other, because we are so […]

  Robyn M. Bolton explains why it’s important to cultivate emotional intelligence and move out of a ‘bad neighborhood.’ ‘If you spend a lot of time in your own head, you’re spending time in a bad neighborhood.’ I was deep in a bit of worry and self-doubt when my friend uttered that sentence. Immediately, my […]