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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ryan Drake-Lee with RDL Economic, Strategy & Operations Consulting.  Ryan has over 20 years of business and corporate strategy experience. Ryan developed his business and economics perspectives in various roles including strategy consulting, industrial manufacturing corporate strategy with a focus on sales & marketing, digital program management in the adtech […]

This article from Wolfgang Hammes outlines the risks of an impending inflation crisis. Lot of things have happened over the past two weeks. If you follow me, you probably have read my extensive posts on Silicon Valley Bank and other bank failures. I don’t want to repeat what I wrote in my posts: Just this: […]

Claire de Weerdt shares an article designed to help your company prepare for an economic recession.  How can you prepare for a possible recession? One method is to conservatively shore up reserves to mitigate risk for a worst case scenario, however, this may come at a high opportunity cost in the event of a soft […]


In this article on the current inflation, Tobias Baer offers an overview of all contributing factors. Every time #inflation rears its ugly head, the fight central banks fight is different – as an economist by training, I therefore don’t envy decision-makers at the Fed and ECB the least in their current attempt to fight inflation. […]

Marc Bachs Castan shares an article he co-wrote with and was published on DataDrivenInvestor.  Disclaimer: We are not investment advisors. All opinions are ours alone. There are risks involved in placing any investment. None of the information presented in our articles is intended to form the basis for any offer or recommendation or have any […]

Bob Armstrong shares a post on Goodhart’s Law and why statistics are not always a solid foundation to count on. Goodhart’s Law is named for Charles Goodhart, a British economist who in 1975 popularized the idea that Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes. I […]


Tobias Baer shares an article on credit risk and the perils of the buy-now-pay-later trend. A just-published TransUnion study shows that buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) takes the UK (just as other markets) by storm, with 35% of the population having used it in the past 12 months (driven in particular by Gen Z and Millennials with up […]

Luiz Zorzella shares an article designed to help improve strategy by understanding your net Interest margin (NIM).  If you are a bank executive and want to manage the bank’s business strategically, you must understand the key drivers of your bank’s profitability and the trade-offs they imply. For example, to some extent, banks can trade the […]

  Paul Millerd shares his understanding of hamsternomics: printing money, the future of work, and what we want or need in life. Right now, as citizens of the United States we may become that hamster.  Near term, we don’t really have a choice.  Long term, we might have a choice. A lot of people have […]

  Supriya Prakash Sen shares a pertinent reminder on big picture problems that we all face, and offers a solution that could be a small step in financing but a leap towards a sustainable future. In the midst of a pandemic, the past year has been chilling at best, and a nightmare at the worst […]