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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Paul Sims with Agile, Inc.  Paul is a Harvard MBA and former Boston Consulting Group consultant with 20 years of founder, C-suite, and board experience as well as experience advising clients with a variety of growth-related engagements and digital transformation. He has deep executive/operational experience in go to market, disruption, […]

  In a series of three articles, Belden Menkus explores the impact of Covid on strategy. This first post explores how to lead your organization forward during times of uncertainty.   “The future is coming at us faster than ever, and its hallmarks are constant disruption and change. Covid has underscored that. Fighting this uncertainty […]

  Jason George provides insight on the changes that may emerge after the current crisis.   A good strategy should be responsive to the various scenarios that could plausibly materialize, but even the most tightly crafted ones get blown apart when their subject is hit by an asteroid. In our current situation the object wreaking […]

In this TEDX talk at Columbia University, Kaihan Krippendorff discusses employee innovation within the model of disruption, and how it helps activate lean, agile innovation and growth in your organization.    “Employees are the number one source of innovative growth options and the only remaining source of true competitive advantage. Arming them with the skills […]