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Digital technology


Paul Millerd shares a useful article on how consultants can use ChatCGP and Bard for their practice and offers tried and tested phrases to communicate your requirements and ask for improvements. I think a lot of people are thinking about the current set of AI tools wrong. They are wrong that AI will eliminate jobs […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Navin Sharma with Datacraft Advisors. Navin is a seasoned consultant and accomplished executive specializing in using digital technology and AI to generate top- and bottom-line value. With a vast repertoire of skills honed as Chief Commercial Services Officer at Inspire Brands and as a management consultant at BCG, Navin’s expertise lies […]

Kedar Gharpure shares an article on the full range of digital technology benefits for B2B. Covid19 lockdown is forcing business leaders to reflect on future-proofing their businesses so they can continue to serve their customers more effectively now, and even if another disruption were to occur. Digital capabilities are an important enabler of such future […]