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Digital technology disruption

Digital technology disruption

Anubhav Raina shares a post that explores the problem with tech leaders driving the wholesale adoption of tech.  Saw this pop-up in my feed and something about the tone and the people giving the message (tech leaders) just angered me. Some fears are justified & their conversation should be encouraged. In today’s age it should […]


Supriya Prakash Sen shares a few key takeaways on the dark side of the tech revolution.  Came across this an alarming but important book called “The Internet is NOT the Answer” (2015) by Andrew Keen, a well known commentator based in Silicon Valley. Written by an industry veteran- it is obviously a ringside view, and […]


  Jim Klass shares a downloadable PDF that provides insight into the current disruption of the food industry with examples on how to use technology to improve cash flow and remove friction in the supply chain.  Foodservice has changed… A new Model is needed, one that creates value for all partners in the supply chain […]

  This article on Sean McCoy’s company blog explains why long-term forces and trends are forcing many heavy industries to reshape value chains, change economics, and disrupt business models. Digital technologies are making it possible for firms to expand their offering and meet new customer needs and serve new customers. For a manufacturer or heavy […]