Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Hugo Breton shares a video that will teach you how to turn marketing into an investment and how you can test and measure to make your marketing work for you.   Watch the video on YouTube:

In this detailed and informative article, Johannes Hoech provides the key to effective digital lead generation. There’s a story that small- to mid-sized startup CEOs love to tell about the early days of their business: The story of the CEO, alone with nothing but a laptop and a phone, dialing lead after lead after lead […]

David Edelman shares insights on segment-of-one marketing and the complexity of marketing in today’s multi-channel, personalized segmentation. A bit over 30 years ago, I published an early manifesto about the need to take Segment-of-One Marketing seriously. It was before the Internet, before smartphones, and just at the start of when advanced analytics were getting applied […]

  In this post, David Edelman tackles the issue of data collection for marketers and why the customer experience will lead the way forward. With the much publicized rollout of Apple’s app transparency tracking framework, and the elimination of third-party cookies on Chrome, marketers are about to lose cherished sources of data that have long […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Laura Wheeler.  Laura brings deep experience in Strategy, Analytics and E-commerce which she has honed through her years at a top-tier management consulting firm (McKinsey), as an operator at best-in-class retailers (Ross Stores and Gap), in client service as the Retail Practice Lead at a start-up marketing analytics consulting firm […]

  Joy Fairbanks provides a reminder on the importance of understanding and applying SEO in today’s online, digital world where algorithms decide what gets seen by whom. And while keywords play an integral role, SEO doesn’t stop there.  Does SEO matter for an early stage company focusing on building social media connections first?  It does.  […]


  Jim Klass shares a downloadable PDF that provides insight into the current disruption of the food industry with examples on how to use technology to improve cash flow and remove friction in the supply chain.  Foodservice has changed… A new Model is needed, one that creates value for all partners in the supply chain […]

  Johannes Hoech shares a post on how to use video effectively in your digital marketing strategy. Videos help businesses get 66% more qualified leads according to Renderforest. According to HubSpot, you may be able to increase conversion rates by over 80% if you add a video on your landing page. If you’re looking for […]

  If your team has difficulty moving strategies from thought to action, take advantage of 20 years of experience in strategy consulting from Andrew Hone’s company by clicking through to this comprehensive guide on strategy implementation. You’ve just put the finishing touches to your business strategy. You’ve spoken to customers, researched the key market segments, […]

  Gaelle Lamotte was recently interviewed for the Telegraph’s Business Reporter on bridging the gap between business strategy and achieving the best results.  Strategies often fail because there is a lack of a robust, compelling strategic story that hangs off them, there’s a failure of coordination between units and functions, often misalignment, and at the […]