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digital connectivity

In this article Alessandro Santo shares key details on digital transformation, what it actually means for your organization, and explains what your first crucial step should be to ensure the process is successful.  What is a digital transformation? That seems like a simple question. But as organizations embark on massive changes, understanding what a digital […]

Morten Stilling shares a white paper that outlines a strategy-focused model for systematically identifying organizational pains and opportunities as well as underlying themes. “Industry 4.0 is here, and Digitalization is hyped. But most organizations pursue their digital agendas with a technology focus, which brings alluring short-term results but gets in the way of delivering true […]

  Kaihan Krippendorff shares a post that explains why the trend toward platform and digital requires an entirely new mindset around how you serve your customers. Last week’s trend piece focused on Community Coordination — companies that create a platform for users to communicate and coordinate are better prepared for a future where consumers are […]

Kaihan Krippendorff shares a post that draws attention to current societal shifts and the role that today’s technological innovations play in this post-modern world. In two of our previous trend pieces, The Future of Work and Future Organizational Models, we reviewed how traditional systems of hierarchy are being dismantled in the workplace. But this trend […]