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digital business ecosystems

digital business ecosystems

Henri Dethier shares a white paper on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies. Despite generating considerable enthusiasm, blockchain and cryptocurrencies—more than other emerging technologies—have presented head scratching dilemmas. Will there be a dominant platform or protocol? How can you benefit from network effects? Will new standards promote levels of interoperability? Addressing those questions might be […]

In this article from John Sturdivant, he identifies common problems with a digital upgrade and explains why and when you should not add digital capabilities to your frontline operations.  I was asked an interesting question today, one that I had never thought about before. However, my experience in digital innovation in industrial settings with WorkforceAlpha […]

Cheenu Seshadri shares an older post that explains the term zero-rating and why it was adopted. I have been watching the launch of Airtel Zero and the visceral reaction of a million netizens in India with curiosity. With 240M+ internet users and ubiquitous use of social media, I guess it is not hard to whip […]


  Supriya Prakash Sen shares an article that identifies how Digital Business Ecosystems could be the answer to addressing the multiple needs of the consumer, and how COVID-19 has accelerated the need to change. As purchasing behaviors change over time, so too does the landscape that solution providers operate in. In 2020, consumers are spoilt […]

  Susan Hamilton Meier shares her thoughts on the merger of analytical and creative thinking and the processes and tools she has designed to help teams problem-solve more creatively. I turned up at the Boston Consulting Group, probably as the only hire who had never opened a spreadsheet before, so that was interesting, and I […]