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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ed Wiley with Ed Wiley Ventures. Ed is an independent consultant whose work focuses primarily on how best to leverage Generative AI for productivity benefits and product enhancement. Ed joined McKinsey (2001-2004, San Francisco office) upon completion of a PhD at Stanford, where he studied with some of the pioneers […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Vamsi Tetali with Synente.  Vamsi spent 3 years at McKinsey as a generalist before leaving the firm as an Engagement Manager to join G. H. Smart and Company (known informally as ghSMART). ghSMART is a leadership advisory firm that is best known for being the leader in conducting Executive Assessments. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Daniel van Wassem. A summary of Daniel’s experience follows. “I use data science and AI to deliver breakthrough business results. Prior, I was a Principal and senior leader at the data science practice of Boston Consulting Group, where I led multidisciplinary teams of digital and strategy consulting talent to solve […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Robert Molnar with Stratolytics. Robert spent 3 years at McKinsey as an analytics specialist and has over 10 years applying Data Science for business acceleration. Throughout his career Robert has consulted over a dozen global companies and had delivered tens of projects applying Machine Learning and other data driven methodologies. With […]

Nora Ghaoui shares an article that explains how to get business results from managing data science initiatives. Data science can be a valuable tool for solving business problems, but the companies that I work with make little use of data science methods. There is a sense that the discipline is a black box to be […]

  Christophe De Greift shares an article that contradicts popular culture and redefines the image of the data scientist.  The ‘sexiest profession of the 21st century,’ named in 2012 by the Harvard Business Review to define the Data Scientist, has gone through various emotional states lately, depending on its field of action. Those who support […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Mike Mortensen with Tandem Analytics. Mike has advised business leaders at the intersection of strategy and technology for more than a decade. His experience in business transformation comes from three perspectives: business strategy at McKinsey & Company, machine learning implementation at IBM, and as a business executive responsible for growth […]


Data scientist and psychologist Tobias Baer (who recently published a book on algorithmic bias) is giving a talk on how to prevent algorithmic bias in the U.K. on Tuesday, 11 February 2020.  Algorithmic bias can affect us everywhere, from minor trivia such as our social media feeds to critical decisions where bias can wreak havoc […]