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data management

In this post, Erik Rignér offers a service to improve your data analysis process.  Tired of manually analyzing your survey data? Our limited beta can help! We’ll automate the analysis and provide you with fast, fresh summarized insights, all with minimal effort on your end. Join our beta now at and see how it […]

Stephen Redwood shares a company post from the series Questions Clients Ask Me. This post explains how data informs organization design. As access to tools that provide rich data about organizations proliferates, companies have a growing abundance available to inform their projects. Organization design projects require both quantitative and qualitative information, but “how much is […]

Matt Ahlers asks the above pertinent question and stresses the importance of asking it before taking action.  Is it “Yes” or “Mostly Yes”? One way to tell is if you hesitate to re-validate all of your information before taking a leap or if you fail to act based on data presented. At best, this slows […]

  Christophe De Greift provides a post designed to help you get it right with these five tips for a more data-driven 2021. 2020 accelerated several trends and one of them is the need to be ‘data-driven’ in decision making. From vaccine testing to last-mile logistics in e-commerce, data analytics is part of the path […]

  When building a bicycle for his daughter, Azim Nagree was reminded of the importance of two key components of best practices: process and documentation. Last week, my daughter turned 4 and I found myself, late at night, trying to build her new birthday bike. The task would have been made easier if the instructions […]


  Tobias Baer explains why the lack of randomized testing hampers businesses and raises the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The lack of randomized testing again and again hampers businesses because it means executives need to make decisions half blind – and Covid-19 is no different, only that in the case of Covid-19, the cost […]