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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ben Lazaroff with Elevate Advisory. A summary of Ben’s experience follows. “Started at McKinsey then moved into Policy at the Chicago Mayor’s Office. Building a marketplace for chess coaches at Started my own LLC / S-corp (Elevate Advisory LLC) doing advisory work for Bain & Co’s Private Equity Group, […]

Alex Sharpe shares an older but relevant article with links to sources  and on the danger of cybercrime in health technology and other industries.  The cyber industry has a long history of dealing with data and information in both paper and in digital formats. The information in our DNA is different. DNA is who we […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Lev Lesokhin. Lev has served as an executive leader, strategist, CMO and product evangelist at multiple tech firms. His experience ranges from software development & QA, cybersecurity, NLP, and consumer finance to full stack marketing, product development, and supply chain optimization. Lev serves on the boards of two software industry […]

Jeffery Perry shares an article on the problem of cybersecurity and why everyone must make it a priority. Cybersecurity threats are growing significantly across the business landscape. Not a day goes by without media reports of cyber attacks by bad actors intent on holding businesses hostage to disrupt operations and/or demand major ransom payouts. As […]