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Customer Research

Customer Research

Hari Sripathi shares a post on defining the ideal customer profile. How should you define an Ideal Customer Profile? I consulted with an eCommerce disruptor building a curated shopping experience for runners. While generating enormously positive reviews and +7 NPS scores, customer growth still stalled. In fact, they were stuck for 10 months before we […]


  In this podcast, Susan Meier shares the story of her interesting journey and her strategic approach to brand alignment. I think what’s a great thing about a liberal arts education is that perspective of try everything, see as much as you can, and then make connections between those things.  And so, I’m very much […]

  Robyn M. Bolton shares why a business should always engage in customer research when innovating and explains why she doesn’t always follow her own advice.  If you’re innovating without involving your customers, you’re wasting time and money. I believe this so deeply that I require all of my clients to spend time talking with […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on The Growth Zone where she shared her expertise on good branding strategies and how to upscale brand visibility. Brands of all kinds are seeing a huge need to rethink and reinvent in the new context we’re faced with. The game has changed, but the basic rules remain the […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on the Change Creator podcast on the fundamentals of building a brand. In her nine years of helping companies build their brand identity, Susan has always set aside a portion of her portfolio for these smaller projects despite them being less lucrative for her. The payoff? They inspire her […]