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Camille Estimé shares a post on how to improve the customer journey map. 🚨 Customer Journey Maps are tricky… 1️⃣ Producing a customer journey map requires hands-on, cross-functional collaboration to distill an enormous amount of information into a single doc. 2️⃣ Customer journey maps’ high information-density can be overwhelming, and folks who weren’t involved in […]

Jayanth Krishnan shares a company article on a company on an improved metric, inspired by Jobs Theory, that addresses CLV’s limitations in addition to making growth and margin the lingua-franca of the whole organization. Abstract:  CLV is a sound quantitative metric provided the data fed to it has a sound basis in customer’s fundamental approach […]

David Edelman shares an article that explains why sometimes waiting for perfect marketing data can stop progress in creating a better customer experience. As I work with more CMO’s who are wading into broader responsibilities for driving company-wide customer experience programs, I am finding that many are slowing down because they feel they lack good […]

Robert Tas shares key tips on how to personalize the customer journey. Today we constantly see the importance of customer experience and personalization at the top of CMOs’ agendas; yet I am stunned by our lack of progress. In a recent study conducted by Pega and the CMO Council, Predicting Routes to Revenue, less than […]


Sean McCoy shares an older but always relevant post on why marketing departments need to align marketing spend with direction.  The CFO says to the CMO, “Let’s boost marketing spend by 1% this month. Where should we spend it?” The ability to answer that question is true north for Marketing departments in B2C industries. With […]