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customer connection

Starting a conversation with a lead can end before it even begins, however, in this article, Guillermo Herbozo shares tips on how to open the customer conversation to engage them and yield results. Most conversations, whether you’re in sales, customer service, retention or any other customer facing position, start with a greeting. Then they move […]

Sean McCoy shares an article on the importance of maintaining a measured approach to promoting new customer growth.  Sales commissions and incentives are a major part of the sales culture in many industries, and insurance agencies are no different. Agencies are considering what’s best for the policyholder when they offer a variety of plans from […]

Carlos Castelan provides key steps that can be taken to improve disconnects and find opportunities throughout times of change and functional issues.  In today’s world where change is one of the only constants, we often hear of companies undergoing a transformation to reinvent themselves and revitalize their customer offerings. This is a natural function of […]

  Ravi Rao recently co-hosted a webinar with Angela Thompson for the Columbus Retail Roundtable where they discussed the importance of emotional intelligence at all levels of the corporate arena. I have a very weird background. Essentially, three chapters.  Chapter one was a decade spent in a science environment at Johns Hopkins and then Harvard, […]