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Crisis Management

Crisis Management

In this article, Christoph Holle identifies a commonly missed factor when dealing with a crisis. Over the last few days and weeks I have read many high-quality articles on leadership in times of crisis and my first reaction was ‘everything that should be said has been said’: reflections, practical help, innovative ideas. But on second […]

Rob Ristagno shares a podcast about the latest company white paper on building a crisis-resistant business.  Josh Richardson of Yale University teamed up with the Sterling Woods Group to find out. He conducted interviews and surveys with 40 executives across a variety of fields, from healthcare to manufacturing to utilities to software. The leaders helm […]

  Stephen Wunker shares a few key tips to help develop a customer experience strategy that is effective during times of crisis If the customer experience for your company hasn’t changed in the past year, you are unusual. In industry after industry, from consumer goods to B2B technology, the distancing, fear, and economic turbulence caused […]

  Geoff Wilson provides a reality check and a sage reminder to plant your feet firmly on the ground when looking to the future.    Times of crisis require a change of perspective and a call to action. So, here we are, weeks into a bizarre world of isolation, uncertainty, and pain.  If one thing […]

  James Bowen takes a moment to muse on risk expectations and market values.   Today I read Christopher Schelling’s insightful article in Institutional Investor, “The Dust Bowl Ravaged 1930s America: Coronavirus is Today’s Equivalent.” It led me to thinking about risk, and in particular how a risk no one considered at all a little […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares her experience of launching a book during the COVID-19 virus and explains what you can do to rethink plans that have been disrupted.  This article is based on some of the ideas that came up last week in my LinkedIn Live Session. I’m a beta tester for this new feature, […]

  Vik Muktavaram recently published an article that evaluates the current crisis through four approaches of risk management. “As the federal government finally took the first decisive step in stemming the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, the images of serpentine lines of arriving international passengers at airports waiting for immigration and screening for COVID-19 […]