In this article co-written by Peter Munene, Sahil S.R Shah, and Rajab Hamisi, learn from the past how to respond to the next global pandemic.  As economies in Africa were gradually exposed and had to begin dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis, there were several responses introduced to counter the primary threat of the virus. […]

Martin Pergler shares an article that explains why it’s time for governments to start properly risk managing their COVID-19 crisis response. Colleen M. Flood FRSC, FCAHS, is the Director of the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics and University Research Chair at the University of Ottawa. Martin Pergler is Principal at Balanced Risk Strategies, […]

  Paul Browne shares an article on stress testing and cash management as a means to help business survive another COVID-19 shutdown.   Cash Management and Stress Testing The full force of the COVID-19 pandemic is now hitting the UK with most businesses either completely shut down or working well below capacity. Most law firms are […]

  From David Burnie’s company blog, a post that identifies how COVID-19 has impacted contact centre benchmarking and offers three key considerations to improve the benchmarking situation. Now more than ever, contact centre benchmarking is crucial to understanding performance, and assessing and improving the quality of service provided to customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically […]

  In this  article recently published in the El Economista, David Uriarte explores how COVID-19 has encouraged medical and social experiments on sustainability, the economy, and the management of companies. One of the ways in which human beings have managed to advance our knowledge and civilization is through experimentation. Experimenting means testing in order to […]

  In this post, Bernie Heine identifies what the business community has learned from the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are all learning to live by the new rules in all aspects of our existence; we also realize what we can do. For the past ten months, businesses all around the world have faced various challenges. Some […]

  Jeremy Greenberg shares an article from his company’s website that examines the findings from a study on the challenges of the COVID-19 vaccine adoption. STUDY HIGHLIGHTS: Half of participants say they are likely to take the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available Safety and minimizing side effects are the most important factors […]

  Thomas K. Hamann shares a white paper on the sale of cars in Germany and the factors that lie behind the current market situation. Car dealers in Germany have opened again ca. four weeks ago. But the situation has hardly changed since then; new car sales are still down (Helmut Kluger in Automobilwoche 11/12 […]


  David Uriarte explores the limitations and opportunities in the future of travel.  In the travel industry, we are currently living devastating times. During these days, like many others, I try to imagine how the future of travel will be after Covid-19. In this process, analyze the new limits and new opportunities is a common […]

  Abhinav Chandra takes a look at the forthcoming holiday season to predict how fashion companies will deal with customers’ expectations, and sales decline during the pandemic. Tackling the dual threat of COVID-19 and climate change; a data-driven action plan for retailers to adapt quickly to changing consumer purchasing behavior. It has been an eventful […]