corporate training

corporate training

Aneta Key shares an article on the purpose and benefits of the Growthkey blended learning approach program.

One way to increase the leadership capacity of your organization is to invest in the development of your people and build organizational capabilities. The GrowthKey Programs help you do just that.

GrowthKey blended learning approach

The GrowthKey professional development programs develop critical strategic, problem-solving, and interpersonal capabilities to elevate the confidence and performance of leaders, high performers groomed for cross-functional assignments, up-and-comers, partners, project managers, and consultants. 

The programs may mesh one or more of these elements depending on your unique needs: 

Synchronous (virtual or in-person) “intensives” to galvanize learning — A core element that kick-starts learning. Custom content is developed based on client objectives and needs assessment for learners (e.g., High Potentials, Team Leaders, Project Managers, new hires). Durations last from multi-day “boot camp” formats to partial-day “deep-dive” formats. 

Self-directed tech-enabled learning content — GrowthKey Series (mobile/online) used as a modern-day interactive and personalized content delivery mechanism. They extend the learning journey and foster the formation of a peer learning community. 

Online learning events to sustain learning — GrowthKey content modules delivered online, ongoing learning community check-ins to reinforce/deepen capabilities and respond to experiences and questions, or even Office Hours online to offer individual consultations.

Interactive presentations —  Shorter modules to inform stakeholders of the program (eg, overview for senior leadership) or to plug into a corporate event or guest speaker series to drum up interest in the topic/program.

Key points include:

  • A breakdown of the approach
  • Client examples


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