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corporate responsibility

Two years have passed since Indranil Ghosh wrote this article on the public’s lack of trust in the global system. Unfortunately, the erosion of trust has continued but Indranil offers four reasons so many people are disillusioned. As the world’s political and business elites ruminate on world affairs at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, […]

Alistair Hodgett offers advice on how to build a company’s reputation for sustainability. Many of our clients place a high value on sustainability and in developing reputation management activities that realise the value of the investments they have made in sustainability. This may be one element of a broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, but […]

Stephanie Hsu recently spoke at the White House Forum on “Expanding Philanthropic Capital to AANHPI Communities.” Our very own Jeremy Lin Foundation Executive Director STEPHANIE HSU spoke at the White House Forum on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders on “Expanding Philanthropic Capital to AANHPI Communities.” For decades, AANHPI communities have been under-funded and […]

Stephen Redwood explores the role of AI in today’s media landscape and how, now more than ever, the talk and walk of leaders within organizations is critical in building and sustaining trust. AI AND CHATGPT3 HAVE RUNG THE WARNING BELLS – YOU MAY DELAY, BUT TIME WILL NOT According to analysis by Statista in 2021 […]

Richard Steubi shares an article on creating shared value through the emerging synthesis of corporate sustainability and strategy. Major corporations find themselves at the center of conflicting demands from virtually every direction: Activist investors are clamoring more loudly than ever for increasing shareholder value, often pushing for major changes Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and […]


In this article, Tanya Khotin asks pertinent and ever-pressing questions about food security in a capitalist-driven economy. Citi’s timely “must read” report “Current Global Food System is Not Fit For Purpose for a Net Zero Future” details extraordinary negative impact that our global food and agriculture system has on the world. (The impact on health […]

Jeffery Perry shares an article on the problem of cybersecurity and why everyone must make it a priority. Cybersecurity threats are growing significantly across the business landscape. Not a day goes by without media reports of cyber attacks by bad actors intent on holding businesses hostage to disrupt operations and/or demand major ransom payouts. As […]

Indranil Ghosh shares an article that expands the concept of ESG and asks if this is the way forward for the future of business.  Last week, Shelley Goldberg and I talked about ESG investing’s lack of impact. In Part II of this series, we focus on a model of partnership between investors, businesses, and governments […]

In his latest podcast, CEO Campfire Chat, Rob Ristagno interviews Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for corporate social responsibility(CSR) and diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI). Joseph Fung is a serial entrepreneur who already had a passion for CSR and DEI when he co-founded his fifth company, Uvaro. As an organization offering […]

As the demand for natural resources increases, Zaheera Soomar shares an always-relevant article on health, safety, and corporate responsibility in the mining industry.  I recently presented at the DRC Mining Week Digital Event on a new “modus operandi” for health and safety in mining. There was some good dialogue and I have had multiple follow […]