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corporate governance

In this article, Jennifer Hartz shares key points on the far-reaching impact of corporate philanthropy with examples of successful initiatives. Though corporate giving is a small percentage of all philanthropic monies given to non-profits in the U.S., it has an outsized opportunity to drive societal improvement and influence the hearts and minds of their stakeholders and the nation. (The organization Giving USA reports that about 5% of annual philanthropy comes from companies.) Corporate and business owner foundations complement the work…
Umbrex is pleased to welcome Maxim Bogdashkin. Maxim is a financial sector senior professional and a business transformation leader with 20 years of experience in banking, corporate finance, risk management, investor relations and corporate governance. Maxim used to work in the Boston Consulting Group and Oliver Wyman leading their client engagements with banks and financial sector public policy authorities – central banks, ministries of finance, deposit guarantee schemes, various development banks and other agencies. Maxim used to leading multinational teams…
Koen Veltman shares a company post that uses metaphors to explain Holacracy governance. The Map is Not the Territory Normally, I like my coaching to be concrete — e.g., here’s what you need to ask for, here’s how you need to ask, etc. But this post, I’d like to share several orienting metaphors to help early practitioners grok what governance is all about. I’m taking a shotgun approach by not presenting them in any particular order. I hope at least one helps….
Umbrex is pleased to welcome Hugo Teophilo Rufino. Hugo has worked for McKinsey in the practices of financial services, public sector mostly serving clients in strategy, org design, performance implementation and digital transformation Besides McK, he worked for PwC/Strategy&, Altran and as Executive Director for companies in the Tech and Insurance industries He lives in Brazil with his wife and baby daughter. Hugo is passionate to serve clients and collaborate in strategy and transformative projects….