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Michele Holcomb shares a post on fair equity. “Achieving true pay equity is an ongoing commitment, and I am grateful to work for a company that believes every employee has the right to equal pay for equal work. In fact, hashtag#CardinalHealth’s most recent pay equity ratios show that, on average for our employees in the […]


Soyini Coke shares a post on the recent CEO Summit. Absolutely phenomenal! Every CEO on the planet should be running their business this way. We had an incredible first day of our CEO Summit! Yesterday kicked off with Raj Sisodia sharing the foundations of Conscious Capitalism, followed by powerful insights from Lynne Twist, Javier Quiñones, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Chris Bosworth with Bosworth Aviation Consultancy. Accomplished aviation specialist with a unique blend of experience having worked in both corporate and consultancy environments. A natural communicator who is adept at working across complex organisations of any size. An able strategist who challenges to drive clients and organisations to achieve their […]

Sherif El Henaoui shares a few thoughts on happiness in a job from a cultural perspective.  Recently I had two coaching-like conversations about the job and its impact on someone’s happiness. In the first case, a German professional mentioned to me that a job is a job and that happiness comes from elsewhere. Yes there […]

Mark Ledden shares the first installment of this three-part series of articles describing Kenning’s 3D Culture Process. To help our clients get smarter and more intentional about their cultures, we’ve developed a proprietary methodology called 3D Culture. It’s a robust yet efficient 3-step process (Diagnose, Design, and Develop) for evaluating the current state of a […]

Paul Millerd takes a look forward to 2025 and writes about what winning organizations will look like. I have studied organizations, people and motivation and am fascinated by the changes that have unfolded in my relatively short career. I’ll defer to Neils Bohr to qualify this entire piece: Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s […]

David Edelman shares an article on the challenges and opportunities of moving towards diversity and inclusivity. Recently, I was fortunate to sit down with CVS Health’s Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Workforce Strategies, David Casey, to discuss the challenges and opportunities we face in our journey toward diversity and inclusivity. David is a true […]

Cancel culture may have identified the covert (and often, overt) bias that pervades society, but has it stopped the opportunity for healthy discourse? In this article, John Murray reminisces on days gone by where healthy discourse and personal differences could be voiced freely without fear of discrimination or disdain.   It is tough to get a […]


Yanay Zohar uncovers how a radical shift towards transparency can change current culture and shares the new rules of play adopted by two visionary leaders. Most of us would agree that transparency is a good thing.Yet somehow, not only did we get used to its glaring absence at work, but most people would even find […]

Amanda Setili explains why the structure of a video game can be applied to business to attract and leverage top talent.  There’s a reason that the video game industry is larger ($179.7 billion according to IDC data) than the movie and music industries combined: playing video games makes players feel good, and for reasons that […]